The Artists of the South Carolina Cotton Trail consists of a group of juried artists that participate in a variety of mediums. A short biographical sketch of each artist along with an example of their work follows.

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Work by Artisan Bobbi Adams.
Bobbi Adams
Medium: Mixed Media

Art and gardening are Bobbi's passions. Her garden is her muse. Light and color are important in her painting, just as light influences the colors which are seen in a garden. Bobbi has been painting for thirty years and gardening all her life.

In 1975 Bobbi left the New York-New Jersey area and moved to South Carolina. In rural Lee County, she gardens. Her art developed in its current form from the materials in the garden. Many of her plants are flowers and shrubs native to South Carolina. Today Bobbi makes her own paint of materials from the earth and handmade papers from the plants she grows in her gardens.

Bobbi graduated from Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois with a degree in zoology. Later she attended the Art Students League of New York and the National Academy of Design. She studied in Venice through the International Program of New York University from which she also obtained her Masters Degree in studio.

Bobbi Adams
215 South Heyward Street
Bishopville, S.C. 29010
Phone: (803) 484-5874
Email: bobbiadamsartistwriter@gmail.com
Web: www.bobbiadams.com

Photo by Artisan Carolyn Atkinson
Carolyn Moore Atkinson
Medium: Mixed Media

Carolyn Moore Atkinson holds a degree in Art from Appalachian State University and has since studied under Carrie Brown, Bob Burridge, Mark Mehaffey and Joan Fullerton among others. Her works are mainly mixed media created using acrylic paints, pencil and charcoal as well as found objects and personally created papers.

Carolyn has shown at Frame Moxie in Hartsville SC and had a two woman show in The Burr Gallery in Cheraw SC and Black Creek Arts Center in Hartsville SC with Fran Gardner. She has shown in numerous galleries throughout the state with the Artisans of the SC Cotton Trail which she is a current member. Carolyn is a member of the South Carolina Water Media Society. She won second place in The Visualicious 2012 exhibit at The Art Trail Gallery in Florence SC in the professional division. Carolyn will have a one woman exhibit in September 2018 at Black Creek Arts Center in Hartsville, SC.

Artist Statement
My grandmother was an artist. My mother always encouraged me in my love for the arts. She would take me out in nature and we would draw together. I have always created art in some form or fashion my entire life. If I am not creating it I am studying it. My aspirations are to continue my quest of exploring, creating and finding my own voice. It is a journey and one that is well worth the ride.

Carolyn Moore Atkinson
Email: Carolynmooreatkinson@gmail.com

Photography by Artisan Lee Benoy
Lee Benoy
Medium: Photography

Photography has been a hobby of mine since childhood, and since retiring and moving to South Carolina, I've devoted the majority of my free time to it. I am self-taught, with no formal education in either photography or art, and I use on-line resources and photography books for both technical and artistic development. My formal education is in mathematics and computer science, and I retired from a career in telecommunications.

My current work covers a wide range of subjects, but my main interests are landscape and architectural photography. I photograph both natural and urban landscapes and particularly enjoy photographing historic buildings and sites. The latter affords me the opportunity to travel and explore the many historical areas in South Carolina. My primary interest is currently in historical churches and train stations.

I also enjoy making photographic prints and currently produce my own prints. I first developed B&W film and made prints in the traditional darkroom but was restricted by limited access to a darkroom. Today with digital printing, I can make both B&W and color prints and achieve far better results than before. I use a wide format printer with archival pigment inks and papers. I particularly like using heavyweight papers since they are very nice for hand-held viewing.

My work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina including Black Creek Arts Center, Florence Museum, Florence Library, Art Trail Gallery, Burr Gallery, and Seacoast Artists Gallery. I'm a member of several photography clubs and chair the local Darlington County Photography Club. I also belong to several artist guilds in the region.

Lee Benoy
Phone: (843) 858-7107
Email: Lee86911@aim.com

Fiber by Artisan Timi Bronson.
Timi Bronson
Medium: Fiber

I have been involved with fiber in one way or another since I was a teen. I discovered art quilting after visiting the Paducah, KY quilt show in 1994, and have been hooked ever since. My quilts are a reflection of whatever my current interest happens to be.

I am a member of SAQA, PAQA, Swamp Fox Quilters Guild, and Coastal Carolina Quilt Guild. I have exhibited throughout the United States and have quilts in both corporate and personal collections in the United States and Europe.

Painting by Artisan Frankie Bush.
Frankie Bush
Medium: Painting

Inspiration for my work comes from the beauty that is around us. Each of my paintings is a personal response to that beauty. My watercolor paintings are done in the studio. I photograph nature to get my ideas and record details that people often don't see. As I work I am concerned about design, color and shadow. I continue to evolve as an artist.

After years of working with acrylics, oils, and many 3-D mediums, I choose to concentrate on watercolor only. I made the correct choice because this is the medium that speaks to me. There is excitement to the transparency and the opaqueness of watercolor that allows for the bold as well as the delicate. I invite the viewer to share my experiences of painting flowers in close focus.

Frankie Bush
318 Kings Place Road
Hartsville, SC 29550
Email: twobushes@aol.com

Photography by Artisan James Fernandes.
James Fernandes
Medium: Photography

I try to look at scenes from a perspective that's different from the ordinary vacation picture. I try to capture the views and objects that some people might walk past or to look at them from a different angle. I've also done some conceptual photography. I found it interesting to hear how other people have interpreted the message I was attempting to convey.

Juried exhibiting member of the Artisians of the South Carolina Cotton Trail and the Darlington County Photo Club. Have had photographs on exhibit at the Black Creek Arts Gallery, Hartsville, SC; Art Trail Gallery, Florence, SC; the Florence Museum of Art; the Burr Gallery, Cheraw, SC; the Aiken Center for the Arts in Aiken, SC; Artfields and the Artfields Gallery in Lake City, SC and the Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville.

James Fernandes
Email: jf9651@aol.com

Glass sculpture by Artisan Mike Gann
Mike Gann
Medium: Glass

Mike Gann's glass blowing journey began in 1990. After seeing a television show, he decided to take a class in Asheville, NC and returned after the 3 day course excited and resigned to build his own studio right beside his home in Hartsville, SC.

2016 marks his 10th year blowing glass. In 2015, when they married, his wife Meaghan began to learn the basics of blowing glass and works alongside her husband in their shop. Together, they continue to add new skills and refine their technique each year.

Their favorite aspect of working with glass is the challenges it presents. Glass blowing requires working with temperatures above 2000F and using basic hand tools to shape the glass. The process demands your complete attention, so there's no room for thinking about day-to-day problems or Mike's day job with Duke Energy. There is a sufficient variety of shapes, colors, and techniques to keep the couple busy and happy for this lifetime.

Artist Jim Gleason.
Jim Gleason
Medium: Sculpture

The urge to create combines with a reverence for musical instruments, and the desire to preserve whatever life remains in the parts and pieces of an instrument. As a professional musician and a master technician in the repair of brass and woodwind instruments, I have spent much of my life devoted to extending their lives. Now, when the parts and pieces or whole instruments are no longer in a state that makes sense to repair them, I find myself giving them new life in a form that celebrates their previous existence, saving them from being discarded completely.

Artist Janis Hobbs.

Artist Janis Hobbs.
Janis Hobbs
Media: Drawing & Sculpture

The desire to be an artist was always there but being raised in the country in the 50's didn't allow that endeavor to become a reality until 2007. After my mother's death and finding childhood drawings she'd kept of mine I decided it was time I became the artist I always wanted to be.

My favorite medium is graphite or color pencil and subject matter has mainly become commission portraits. The love of animals has made my artistic career into working on a vast amount and array of animal portraits. For two years I've been fortunate to have my dog portraits juried into the Art Show at the Dog Show in Kansas.

Being self taught I continually educate myself by taking workshops, attending conferences and trying new styles and techniques taught by private instruction. Three years have studied under the direction of sculptor, Alex Palkovich. Memberships include local and regional art guilds and being a juried member of the "Artists of the South Carolina Cotton Trail" and a juried member of the official South Carolina Tourism Artisans Center in Walterboro, SC. My work has been featured in several publications and shown in numerous galleries.

Janis Hobbs
Phone: (843) 621-2225
Email: JanisHobbs@gmail.com

Painting by Artisan Cornelia Webster Joyner.
Cornelia Webster Joyner
Medium: Painting

I have always had a pencil and sketch pad in hand, even as a young child. Raised on a tobacco and cotton farm near Lake City, I developed an early appreciation for the love of nature from my father and was fascinated by the many flowers my mother grew, as an avid gardner.

With a career as a registered nurse, it was not until the late 70's that I had the opportunity to persue my love of art. My husband, a wildlife biologist, became the project leader and resident biologist at the Yawkey Wildlife Center, off the coast of Georgetown. The beauty of the 20,000 acre preserve is overwhelming and I began to paint!

Georgetown had a number of wonderful watercolorists and I began to study with them. Eventually I took lessons and workshops from local and nationally known artists. Through the years, I found my own delicate realistic style of painting. I am a detailed person. It's who I am and it's very apparent in my work. I enjoy experimenting with rice papers, colored pencils and pastels to enhance my favorite subjects - flowers.

After 30 years on the islands, we are retired and back in Lake City living in my 100 year old farm house where I grew up. I have built a studio and love continuing to paint the beautiful flowers my mother planted.

I have had shows with the Georgetown Watercolor Society in the past years when I was a member. Living in Lake City, I am a member of the Greater Lake City Artist Guild, where I have shown since the guild was formed.

I have also had shows in Charleston, Charlotte and Hilton Head. I was invited to have a one man show last January at the Drs. Bruce and Lee Foundation in Florence.

I'm also a member of the S.C. Watermedia Association, as well as a juried exhibiting member of the Artists of the S.C. Cotton Trail.


  • 1st place at the National Bean Market Art contest in Columbia 2008
  • 1st place Lake City Tobacco Festival 2010
  • "Peoples Favorite" 2011 art exhibit at the National Bean Market in Lake City

Cornelia Webster Joyner
1241 Olanta Hwy.
Lake City, S.C. 29560
Phone: (843) 389-4628
Email: b-cjoyner@ftc-i.net

Handweaving & Spinning by Artisan Vicky McLain.
MJ Martin
Medium: Fiber

I have always loved fabrics and learned to operate a treadle sewing machine as a child. My first exposure to handweaving was in the late 1960s in Indiana and I was certain that I wanted to learn how to create my own fabrics and handwoven pieces!

My first loom was built by my Dad in Kansas from old family pieces of furniture. I was a member of Handweavers' Guilds in Spokane, Washington and Valdosta, Georgia, took classes and workshops and attended national and regional conferences to learn the art and craft of handweaving. As my skills grew, so did my involvement. Demonstrations, commission and consignment work, shows, and teaching followed.

My interest in spinning grew out of my interest and involvement in weaving; I wanted to create my own yarns. I like to "start at the sheep", go to a sheep ranch on shearing day to acquire the freshly shorn fleeces, then clean and card the wool, spin and hand dye the yarns. I also spin cotton and have also experimented with a variety of other fibers. It is enjoyable to demonstrate spinning and also to use handspun yarns in my woven pieces.

I have a BFA in Studio Art and work in a range of media, but have a special interest in and desire to share my love of handweaving and spinning.

MJ Martin
Email: mjmartin.rgs@gmail.com

Painting by Artisan Vicky McLain.
Vicky McLain
Medium: Painting

I have been an avid artist since I first picked up a crayon as a child in Texas. I have been a professional artist most of my life, and since January 2000, it has been in a full time capacity. I studied drawing at the San Antonio Art Institute and have taken over 15 workshops with various instructors since moving to South Carolina in 2000. I studied design while earning a B.A. in Management at Virginia Wesleyan College.

My work reflects my love of the out-of-doors. I have found that a cotton field, and an abandoned car or barn has as much to say on canvas as a vase of flowers. I am now a proud South Carolinian and really appreciate what South Carolina has given me to capture on canvas. My works have won numerous awards including:

  • 2014 - AcrylicWorks - Best in Acrylic Painting
  • Two time Honorable Mention in the SoHo and in the Charvin Oil Painting Contests
  • Best In Oil - Marlboro Jubilee Festival (2009) and Best of Show (2007)
  • Meg McLean Award of Merit (2009)
  • Honorable Mention (2006) Gamblin Torrit Gray Painting Competition
  • 2005 People's Choice Award - Masterpiece Art Interpretations Contest
  • First Place - Leroy Neiman Sports Art Contest
  • Best of Show - Cheraw Fine Art Show 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 & 2007

You can visit my work online at www.drivenbyart.com.

Vicky McLain
561 Eddins Rd.
Cheraw, SC 29520
Phone: (843) 623-7214
Email: vicky@drivenbyart.com

Dichroic Glass by Artisan Barbara Mellen.
Barbara Mellen
Medium: Glass

Barbara Mellen is The Earring Lady in the purple house on Second Loop Road in Florence. You can find her there six days a week cutting American made glass materials into tiny pieces and fusing them in kilns. A single earring can be comprised of over a dozen different glasses or only one, fired from once to four times. Barbara has been working with glass for over forty years. The first thirty she devoted to stained glass, which lives in homes on five continents. For the last ten years she has been making fused dichroic glass jewelry, worn by women on all seven continents and available in boutiques, galleries and gift shops throughout the United States.

Visit Barbara online at www.glassearringlady.com.

Barbara Mellen
The Earring Lady
2717 Second Loop Road
Florence, SC 29501
Phone: (843) 317-1732
Email: barbara@glassearringlady.com

Photo by Pamela Rhoads
Pamela Rhoads
Medium: Painting

I knew I loved art at a very young age and found myself always creating art. I was influenced and had great mentoring from my high school art teacher, who is also a professional watercolor artist. I chose to go to Edinboro University, Pennsylvania, for my Bachelor of Fine Arts in oil painting and immersed myself in a variety of medium. I always turned back to oil painting as my favorite medium. There is something about the earthy smell of a tube of oils and pushing around its buttery texture on a canvas to create my interpretation of something.

I began painting after many years in marketing - surviving breast cancer was the catalyst. I found I needed a way to connect with who I am and, those around me and, express my joy of living and surviving. I found a new connection to this wonderful world we live in. I am drawn to the way form and color relate to each other creating their own world and balance from reality. I pull through this combination using realistic subjects. Painting allows me to breathe, and feel more alive, and appreciative of life. It connects me to this world. Capturing the essence of life and its energy gives me an endless source of subjects to communicate my joy of living.

I have always enjoyed the effect of playing with strong lighting and I paint a broad variety of subjects. More recently my work has been influenced by the artist Itzchak Tarkay and breaking subjects down to form, color and pattern. I have also taken a strong interest in painting females whether they are in a modern setting or a retro setting. My goal is to create an atmosphere in a painting and an emotional connection that the viewer can feel. I also, at times, use a Pop art style in my painting because I like the limited, but bright colors, and strong shapes this style is known for.

Many of my paintings are in private collections, but I have shown at the Davidson County Museum of Art in Lexington, NC and have shown at the Art Trail Gallery, Florence SC. More recently I have won a 1st Prize and a 2nd Prize in judged shows held at the Art Trail Gallery. My work is often shown on the cover of She Magazine because of painting female subjects. Sculptor, Alex Palkovich, has been my mentor for three years and I continue to take workshops from artists in the Carolinas or online.

Pam Rhoads
Phone: (843) 992-8633
Email: pvarela@sc.rr.com

Jewelry by Artisan Jackie Stasney.
Jackie Stasney
Medium: Jewelry

Jems by Jackie's Signature Line celebrates all-handmade jewelry as a wearable art form. Each piece evolves over time through thoughtful study of the primary gemstone. The myriad of variations in natural stones challenges me to tease out the elusive color that will set the piece apart when combined with others. Though this process may last one to three mouths, it is during the dark of night that the final inspiration emerges. In the peaceful realm of dreams, the new jewelry piece is born, with each stone connected to the next in a clear and final vision of the final endeavor.

Colors are the source of my creative energies. The pieces come together to emphasize particular colors, creating one-of-a-kind color palettes. Like an infinite prism, each turn of the stone reveals a new color dynamic. The energy of the colors sets in motion the creative process that culminates in a unique piece of art that speaks to the intended owner.

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